Marché Las Mexicanitas
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Inauguration Marché las Mexicanitas.

Pedacito de vida

Inauguration Marché las Mexicanitas.

Marché las Mexicanitas was born out of a chat in the café with a small group of Mamas Mexicanas, entrepreneurs, eager to promote their artisanal products, offer their delicious Mexican dishes and thus be able to earn a little extra income without neglecting their families.

Thus on April 6, the founding event of Las Mexicanitas, the first market took place with the participation of around 25 entrepreneurs who sold their products and their gourmet dishes in the basement of a small church in the city of Châteauguay, making and creating the warm atmosphere of a real traditional Mexican market.

The latter received that day about 300 visitors, happy to truly feel them in our home with the smells, decorations, and artisan products of our native country.

Our big surprise was to welcome not only Latinos at the Marché, but also local people from La belle province who love the Mexican culture and wanted to try the gastronomic delights offered by our entrepreneurs such as tacos dorados, tortas de milanesa, picaditas, tamales, longaniza , conchas, tacos al pastor, as well as delicious desserts such as arroz con leche, raspados, tres leches cake, chocoflan, caramelized apples and much more.

Our satisfaction was in the end to see the happy faces of our entrepreneurs who sold more than expected, it was a great surprise to realize that our Mexican culture was not only loved and valued by Mexicans but also by people from other countries.

Once upon a time, people could still hug

This is why we then decided to continue the adventure by expanding to all the countries of Latin America, then another market took place, and the adventure goes on and on…


Las mexicanitas


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    There you go, ladies!

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